About CMI

The Church Music Institute is dedicated to the practice, advancement, and stewardship of the best liturgical and sacred music for worshipping Christian congregations. The Institute offers educational courses, workshops, and on-site and online resources; fosters conversation among musicians, pastors, and laypersons; and sponsors research in the field of church music.

Our Vision

CMI acknowledges music as one of God's greatest gifts, deserving our best understanding and care. The work of the Institute is thus based on the following assumptions:

  • Music in worship should be chosen for its capacity to approach holiness, beauty and transcendence in the worship of God.
  • Music in worship is a vehicle for prayer and praise, serving the gathered community of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Leaders of music in worship must first be equipped with the finest skills as musicians, and further with the theological and musical skills to enable congregational song as prayer and praise.
  • Leaders of music in worship must have resources that reflect the best of literature and practices available from current and past contributions to music in Christian worship.
  • Pastors/priests must be equipped to work together with musicians so that together they can combine word and music to the glory of God and as a vehicle for congregational worship.

Why CMI is Important

Church Music Institute is the one venue in the United States for pastors/priests and musicians to address the music of worship in an ecumenical, non-commercial setting.  The Institute provides workshops, conferences, a library/resource center, and online resources, especially the over 11,000-title eLibrary, where musicians and clergy can plan music for worship.

When was CMI Started?

The Church Music Institute was begun in December, 2006, by a group of musicians, clergy, and laypersons interested in strengthening the music of Christian worship. The Institute now serves a broad range of Christian denominations and is incorporated in the State of Texas with IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit status.