CMI eLibrary and Organ Database



The Church Music Institute offers a unique solution to planning worship for choir directors and organists! Now, a sacred anthem or organ composition can be identified to match perfectly the requirements in your worship.

The eLibrary is an on-line catalogue of 12,000 anthems located in the Library of the Church Music Institute. For the first time, church musicians can find the appropriate anthem to use in worship through this electronic catalogue. In the home or office, anthems can be selected to yield unified musical, liturgical, and theological requirements. Each anthem has been researched in 24 criteria so the user can make selections appropriate to every church. Search criteria can be combined. For example, your search could include John 3:16, Easy, SAB – three search criteria (scripture, level of difficulty, voicing) that produces specificity in your selections. The CMI staff has selected all anthems for appropriateness of musical and theological content. All stylistic periods are represented, including the very latest published anthems. Many anthems have PDF and Audio examples.

The Organ Database has recently become available for use, and organists can now do an on-line search to find sacred organ compositions for planning worship. The user may do a simple search by HYMN TUNE to locate organ compositions found in collections and editions or published individually. Advanced search fields used for searching are Composer of Composition, Title of Composition, Editors, Name of Collection, Instruments used for Performance, Level of Difficulty, Manuals Only, IMSLP information. As with the eLibrary, fields may be combined in the search process. This organ database has been successfully tested in a pilot program with the National AGO.

Both on-line catalogues are available to members of Church Music Institute.


The Church Music Institute is dedicated to the practice, advancement, and stewardship of the best liturgical and sacred music for worship for Christian congregations. The Institute offers educational courses, workshops, on-site and on-line resources, fosters conversation among musicians, pastors, and laypersons, and sponsors research in the field of church music.

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