The Church Music Institute offers resources for church musicians, pastors, and congregations that support meaningful and effective worship.

Library of Church Music Institute

The Church Music Institute contains a Library for evaluation and study that supports the educational purposes of the Institute.  The Library maintains an archive of thousands of catalogued sacred octavo anthems for mixed voices with compositions added weekly.  Each anthem in the collection has been chosen for quality of text and music by the professional staff of CMI.  Anthems from every stylistic period through the most recently published pieces are placed in permanent files for preservation, so that present and future generations may identify, study, and utilize them in worship.  The Library is unique in its effort to collect and preserve anthems for worship and study, since no other organization does this.

The Library also contains an extensive collection of anthems for children’s voices, cantatas and oratorios, service music, piano and organ music, and a generous collection of sacred choral music by classical composers donated by Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology.  The Library has a special interest in preserving the sacred octavos of the numerous outstanding composers from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and is actively engaged in the collection of this music.

In addition to the vast collection of music in the Library, the Institute offers additional resource materials.  Topics of scholarly books available for research include theology, worship, church music, hymnody, indexes for worship planning, hymn selection guides, old and new denominational hymnbooks and companions to the hymnals, and a variety of teaching instruction books on such topics as vocal technique and English diction.


The eLibrary of Church Music Institute is a catalogue of all the anthems contained in the Library made available to members of the Institute as an On-line resource.  Built on a one-of-a-kind, specially created database, members can search the catalogue of the Library anytime in the convenience of home or workplace.   Users can easily enter into the database search areas such as voicing, level of difficulty, liturgical day or season, hymn tune, scripture, etc. and the system will find anthems suitable to the needs identified.

Access to Experts

Professional assistance offered by Church Music Institute includes links to professional organizations, the latest and best music of the most influential composers and publishers in the field of church music, counsel from experienced church musicians and pastors, invigorating and practical workshops and seminars that feature nationally known church musicians and clergy, and personal suggestions on repertoire offered by the professional staff of Church Music Institute.