Search the Choral & Organ Libraries

WHEW!  Easter is over and worship planners have some breathing room before the important Day of Pentecost, June 4, 2017.   Make your life easier by using the search options of the CHORAL and ORGAN LIBRARIES!

  • Search for a Pentecost anthem: Choose Topical Reference (scrolling down to Holy Spirit;, Pentecost); Lectionary Reference (scroll down to Day of Pentecost, A; Title Search (enter words appropriate to the event of Pentecost such as Fire; Wind).
  • Search anthems outside your usual search criteria: New composer (Try David Ashley White; Bob Chilcott;) Instruments (less often used in your worship); Voicing (SSATB rather than SATB).
  • Search for a favorite hymn in the Anthem Title Search Field. For example, enter the familiar hymn It Is Well With My Soul. The Choral Library contains eight arrangements of this hymn (Voicings from SSAATTBB to SAB).  Is it time to sing a TTBB version of the hymn, perhaps as one stanza with the congregation? Then, Search the Organ Library for organ repertoire based on the hymn tune.
  • Newly Published: Have you been waiting for a choral setting of  Mary Louise Bringle’s poignant hymn When Memory Fades (2000)? Eric Nelson has recently published a nice setting of this text. (Title or Topical Search: Healing; Trust; Courage).
  • Consider the fine work of female composers: Carolyn Jennings, Jayne Southwick Cool, Eleanor Daley, Karen Marriolli, Emily Lund, Joy F. Patterson,  Debra Scroggins, Gwyneth Walker (Heaven’s Delight), Cecelia McDowall (Easter Light uses a fabulous text by Angier Brock).
  • Anthems on stewardship and justice are always welcome. Look up Restless Weaver by John Ferguson. See more titles in a Topical Reference Search using “Stewardship” or “Justice.”
  • Introduce your choir to well-known anthems from our historic past, such as those by 16th century English composer Richard Farrant (Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake). Often early music can be freely copied from [Choral Public Domain Library].  CPDL references are listed as “Public Domain Source” on the anthem’s title page in the Choral Library.
  • When looking at a PDF of an anthem, notice the dedication at the top of the page above the anthem title. The dedication may give you a clue as to the group of singers for which the piece is intended, or a particular function (Memorial Service, Festival, etc.)  The Choral Library has four recently published anthems for high school singers identified in the Dedication:  Barbara W. Baker, Spirit (Pentecost); Patrick Hawes, Hallelujah (Double Choir); Jeff Trenchard, Gloria in Excelsis Deo; Stacy V. Gibbs, Swing Down, Chariot.
  • Design a coherent service using the Organ Library to search the hymns of the day by hymn tune to find organ music to introduce or remind the congregation of the tunes and texts they sing.


foundations – a source to learn sacred choral and organ repertoire

variety  - to avoid using the same music from year to year

suitability -  in selecting music for worship that fits exactly the needs of the service and congregation

assistance -  CMI personnel available to answer questions

quality selections – all entries are vetted for musical and textual quality