Choral Sing Through the Church Year

Choral Sing Through the Church Year

On Friday evening, June 22, the Church Music Institute is presenting a very special opportunity for directors of church choirs and their singers. As part of the Church Music Institute Summer Workshop, June 22-23, at St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, CMI will offer a “Choral Sing Through the Church Year” from 7:00 till 9:00 p.m. This is a unique experience for both choral directors and singers, featuring both new and “tried and true” anthems for choirs of all sizes. The aspect of this that makes it a bit unique is that directors are encouraged to bring singers from their own choir to work with a master conductor and choral technician, Dr. Allen Hightower.  Dr. Hightower will extend this far beyond just a reading session.

CMI first tried the “Choral Sing Through the Church Year” last summer at the 2017 workshop. It was highly successful, and the response from directors and choir members alike was extremely positive. Directors were pleased to find plenty of new resources to use in their own worship services, and the choir members were delighted to be a part of and have a glimpse into the process that directors use to plan music for the choir. The enthusiasm of all involved was exciting.

This year we have the chance to work with Dr. Hightower, Director of Choral Studies at the University of North Texas.  He is an exceptional musician and choral pedagogue.  He will not only read through the pieces, but will, among other things

  • Instruct singing techniques
  • Explore the musical style of each piece
  • Delve into performance practice
  • Work on tonal production

Dr. Hightower is just finishing his second year at UNT and already making a name for his work in the choral world of DFW and beyond.  As Scott Cantrell said about UNT’s Verdi Requiem performance at the Meyerson on April 29:

“The Denton university has long been known for an outstanding choral program. Judging by Sunday's performance of the Verdi Requiem, the UNT Grand Chorus, directed for the last two years by Allen Hightower, certainly lives up to its legacy. Its singing — firm, focused, balanced and amazingly flexible — would be hard to outdo by any large chorus anywhere.”

Those who have seen him work with church choirs and know of his faith find equally compelling commitments to choral excellence and generosity with lay singers.

The deadline for registration for all singers for this great night of singing is June 11.  Note $10 participation fee and additional 15% discount for 3 or more participants! Please consider taking part in this special time as we explore great music for the church together.

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