Best Ideas: Music and Worship in This Most Unusual Time

On November 14, CMI hosted “Best Ideas: Music and Worship in This Most Unusual Time,” a Saturday session exploring contributions from practitioners across the country. Facilitators Dr. Tim Sharp (Executive Director, ACDA) and Dr. Michael Bedford (President, AGO) presented ideas submitted from all participants of the course, and led a straw vote in each of the 7 categories for attendees’ favorites. Tallies were close, and everyone agreed that choosing was difficult; the complete list of ideas can be viewed or downloaded here.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Salem, OR, gave a gift of a favorite hymn to the congregation from the congregation. It used all the choirs of the church and was produced by volunteers and musicians from the congregation as a fall project. Listen to their project here: Virtual Choir: I Am the Bread of Life, Hymn #335