2022 Music & Christian Worship Course Recap


Twenty-three faculty and professional attendees gathered on Zoom for the mornings of two weeks in June to delve into the history and practice of worship and music from earliest times to the present.  Using Dr. Paul Westermeyer’s text Te Deum as a foundation, visiting professors from across the U.S. weighed in from their area of expertise each day to provide in-depth and scholarly understanding.  Morning and noon prayer bookended study time, with music originating in the particular time of the period under study, ably presented by two fine musicians on their own church organs.  Discussion was rich, with attendees ranging from Brite Divinity School students preparing for ministry to seasoned clergy and musicians who spanned geographic locations across the U.S. and Ireland.  Not only were the readings and professors stimulating, but attendees brought their own life experience, perspectives, and problem-solving skills to each other’s learning.

One attendee reported, “I can tell that I am a different church musician!  I am intrigued by new information, challenged by some different opinions, and supported in some lifelong habits and practices.”

Now we anticipate the “Congregational Song Course” in June 2023!