ACDA / CMI Partnership

The following is excerpted from an article by Dr. Charlotte Kroeker in the ACDA's Choral Journal in July.

Partnerships often accomplish more than one of the partners can achieve alone. The relationship between the American Choral Directors Association and Church Music Institute is one fine example. ACDA is the premier, secular organization of professional choral conductors for excellence in choral music. Approximately 75% of ACDA members work full- or part-time in churches. Church Music Institute connects theology and music, deals regularly with worship planning, houses a library of the best musical resources that work for congregations and worship, engages clergy and congregations in the “work of the people,” and promotes liturgy that is both accessible and transcendent. It is the intersection of the professionalism of ACDA and the resources and knowledge of CMI where empowered congregations can now worship.

ADCA Members:
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The timing is right. ACDA sees its membership moving toward community-based singing, with the majority of its members employed as elementary, middle school, or high school music educators. ACDA job boards are filled with church openings in these communities for part-time musicians. CMI will enable busy ACDA members who want to serve churches to do that well, with the best resources as close as their mobile device or laptop computer. Good musicians who also are good church musicians serving schools and churches in their communities. Everyone wins!

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