Advent Lessons and Carols

This lovely example of an Advent Lessons and Carols liturgy comes from Dr Don Horisberger, recently retired from the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest, Illinois. Dr Horisberger encourages church musicians to consider planning such a service: "One word of advice would be that anyone wishing to do this type of a service make sure the congregation understands it is an Advent service, and that the term carols in this case does not refer to Hark the Herald Angels Sing, etc. We also aimed to offer it on the first Sunday in Advent whenever possible for the same reason. It is a very lovely worship offering, and I commend its gentleness and spirit of expectation to any church that is interested." CMI thanks Dr Horisberger for allowing us to publish the service here in order to provide ideas and inspiration for others.


Dr Don Horisberger, Church of the Holy Spirit, Episcopal, Lake Forest, IL