CMI August 2022 Choral Library

The CMI Choral Library


The CMI Choral Library is at your fingertips! There is no other choral library that offers internet access to worship planners; is vetted to contain best anthems of generations of sacred music; contains the latest anthems offered by music publishers.  If you haven’t discovered the possibilities of using the Choral Library to plan anthems for worship, it is much easier than you may think and offers genuine excitement in the selection of repertoire.



There are more than 23,000 titles searched by seventeen fields. A TITLE search usually yields several options. For example, the spiritual, “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me,” has 19 entries by composers such as David Cherwien, Moses Hogan, and Roderick Williams in 2-part, SAB, and SATB arrangements with accompaniments as varied as Piano 4-Hands.



2,500 anthems are composed for unison voices including 1,200 children’s anthems.



Composers are from the Middle Ages to the present:  John Rutter has 190 anthems entered; Gwyneth Walker, 51; Lloyd Larson, 65, Michael Burkhardt, 136.



2,000 anthems offer participation by the congregation.



450 music publishers, such as Oxford, 1808; H. W. Gray, 776; World Library Publishing, 430; Selah Publishing, 316.



1,500 Hymn Tunes are used in anthems.



The most unique and useful Search Fields may be Scripture and Lectionary. These provide exceptional ways to search for anthem texts that match perfectly sermons and lectionary readings to unify worship theologically.


The CMI Choral Library contains music from church choirs, private collections of church musicians and university professors representing all levels of education and experience, and the most recent examples of published sacred music. The Choral Library exists for benefit of users who want to make worship planning the best possible experience for those attending worship.