CMI Summer Intensive 2022 Recap

"Singing in Our Hearts AND with Our Voices – Again and Always!"

CMI Summer Intensive 2022


Covid didn’t stop musicians, clergy, and congregational leaders from accessing the jam packed 24 hours of ideas and inspiration provided by exciting presenters – and each other!  Though in-person attendance was limited for safety, that did not stop some of the best ideas for continuing the song of the church to be shared across the U.S. and Canada.  Not only were the presenters superb, but attendees themselves, as is usually the case at CMI events, disseminated tried and true ideas among each other.  From best ideas for using the choir in the sanctuary space to support congregational singing, to how the organ can tie spoken and sung word together throughout a service, to Psalm singing and pedagogy for effective cantoring, to how best to involve children in worship and much more, attendees gathered tips and resources to begin their new program year.  An After Words discussion several days later provided additional time to probe ideas of the event for implementation in congregational life.  Thanks to all for a best Summer Intensive ever, and for staying healthy in addition!