Dr. Kroeker Speaks at AGO Meeting

Madison, WI. On January 20, twenty members and guests attended a dinner at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church … Following the meal, a presentation was given by Charlotte Kroeker, executive director of the Church Music Institute in Dallas, Texas. Kroeker spoke about the influence of sacred music on various movements in the history of the church, making the point that music can also positively impact the church in the future. At certain points in the presentation, attendees sang hymns, accompanied on the organ by Don Horisberger, representing different movements in church history. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session focused on current challenges and opportunities experienced by churches and church musicians. Andrew Schaeffer, dean, won the drawing for Kroeker’s book The Sounds of Our Offerings: Achieving Excellence in Church Music. Printed information on the Church Music Institute was available for interested persons to take with them.

(from the April 2023 issue of The American Organist, publication of the American Guild of Organists)