End-of-Summer Report from Executive Director Charlotte Kroeker

Dr. Charlotte Kroeker


In Texas we often talk about record heat, but in this case the record was attendance at Church Music Institute events and the quality and enthusiasm of the presenters and attendees! Here are some highlights of CMI workshops in Dallas and Portland:

• Attendance increased by 50%.
• The congregation’s importance in worship was acknowledged and affirmed.
• The power of music to carry the faith beyond words alone was demonstrated.
• Stories of how excellent and theologically strong music builds congregations were told.
• Rev. Dr. Tim Shapiro of the Center for Congregations shared proven insights from his book, How Your Congregation Learns, and particularly the role music plays in spiritual formation, along with statistics about congregations.
• Chief Justice Carolyn Wright of the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas relayed the powerful story of faith and commitment to singing in church and its connection to healing from a coma.
• Music experts like Scott Dettra, Allen Hightower, Hal Hopson, Kathi Johnson, Paul Klemme, Benjamin Kolodziej, and Bruce Neswick inspired attendees with their musicianship, wisdom and practical ideas for repertoire and practice to begin the upcoming seasons
• Rev. Michael Brown, Sam Solano, and Rev. Lisa Musser probed planning methods for various liturgical seasons and kinds of services.
• Prayer services were inspired by the leadership of all in attendance who happen to sing very well!

The worship and music of the church are inspired for a new season in congregations across the country!


--Dr. Charlotte Kroeker, Executive Director