The upside of a pandemic has meant broadening CMI’s reach and breadth of offerings, including bringing expertise from across the country to participants wherever they reside this fall.  Hundreds of CMI constituents have experienced the knowledge and expertise of clinicians from all over the country and England through the miracle of technology.

Engaging and Lasting: Music to Build Transcendent Worship, August 6-7

Dr. Paul Lindsley Thomas Lecturer for 2021, Bob Chilcott, from England

Hal Hopson Lecturer for 2021, Dr. Craig Cramer, Yale University

New Beginnings: Jumpstart Your Program Year, September 11

Drs. Wilma Bailey, Don Horisberger, Paul Klemme, John Richards, Lynn Trapp, Clinicians

Sounding the Depths Again: Refreshing Our Memories of Texts and Performance Practices

Dr. Don Saliers, Emory University

Two Planning Sessions:  October 9 – Advent; October 16, Christmas

Drs. Don Horisberger and Charlotte Kroeker, Clinicians