Searching the Choral Library: Instrument(s)

Dr. Robert C. Mann, Resource Library Director

Go to the Search Field INSTRUMENT(S). Click on Display All to pull down the list of 96 instruments.

Things to remember:
• Bassoon 2, Clarinet 2, etc. require two instruments playing separate parts
• Brass 4 = two trumpets, two trombones
• Brass 5 = two trumpets, two trombones, tuba
• Brass 6 = three trumpets, three trombones
• Brass 8 = four trumpets, four trombones
• String 4 = two violins, viola, cello
• String 5 = two violins, viola, cello, double bass

Multiple Search Fields can be used in a single search. Include INSTRUMENT(S) as a 2nd Search Field.

To search for an anthem that uses Congregation, Choir, and Instruments, choose Search Field ADDITIONAL CHOIR. Select Congregation. In Search Field INSTRUMENT(S), enter Brass 4. You are now searching two categories, CONGREGATION and BRASS 4. At this writing, my search yields 299 titles of compositions for Choir, Congregation, and Brass 4.