Saturday Online Workshops Reach More Than 200 Attendees — So Far

A total of 241 “students” have attended CMI’s Saturday morning workshops in January through March.  Not surprisingly, most attendees were church musicians, but there was also a scattering of clergy and of congregation members who are/were not paid staff.

Here are some interesting “factoids” about the workshops and those who attended:

  • By far the best attended workshop (66 people) was on January 28: “What Every Church Musician Needs to Know But No Course Ever Taught Us”
  • January 28 also had the most first-time attendees: 19
  • Online events are engaging more attendees more often
  • The workshop that gained the most attention from clergy (3 attendees) is one that you probably would not guess: “Lent: Borrowing the Language of Bach’s Passion—the Organ Chorales.”
  • In the past year attendees to CMI events have come from 43 states and 2 foreign countries

Workshops presented thus far:

  • What Every Church Musician Needs to Know But No Course Ever Taught Us (Prof. Ellen Johnston)
  • Fr. Michael Joncas Returns to Probe His Collection of Lenten Hymns
  • Lent: Borrowing the Language of Bach’s Passion-the Organ Chorales (Rev. Kathryn Johnson)
  • Practical Session on Choral and Vocal Techniques for Cantors and Choral Singers (Ms Joanne Werner)
  • Musicians and Clergy Working Together (Profs. Ellen Johnston and Bill Roberts)
  • Highlights of African American Choral Music (Dr. James Abbington)

There are two more workshops scheduled for this spring (click on the events below to register):