Summer Workshop 2020 Schedule

Tips from the Masters: An In-Depth Immersion in Time-Tested Practices For Organists and Choir Directors Who Lead Worship

The Church Music Institute's Summer Workshop for 2020, "Tips from the Masters," will be taught by Dr. David Arcus and Dr. Don Horisberger, June 12-13, at Lover's Lane Methodist Church, in Dallas, Texas. The workshop will also include a special screening of the documentary Sacred Sound and a discussion with film creator, Rev. Robin Arcus.

Meet the Masters


Schedule of classes and sessions for this year's workshop:

Friday, June 12th

  • 1:30     Registration
  • 2:00     Mid-day Prayer
  • 2:30
    • A. “At Your Service” – Dr. David Arcus
      Thinking through hymns and service music for worship creatively, with special sensitivity to texts associated with the music.  Addressing hymn playing in context, and differences in liturgical and free church settings.
    • B. “Using the CMI Library” – Dr. Robert Mann
      Learn how to find amazing resources you may have forgotten or did not know existed in the 20,000 entries with PDF samples for all entries.
  • 3:30     Break
  • 3:45
    • A. “Improve Your Improvisation” – Dr. David Arcus
      A collaborative effort using classically-inspired forms to build improvisations.  Develop the art of creating interludes, preludes, and postludes related to hymns and other tunes for the day that draws the community together by using materials from shared experience.
    • B. "Sacred Sound" – Rev. Robin Arcus
      Viewing and discussion of the documentary produced by Rev. Arcus, Sacred Sound, a film illustrating 50 girl choristers, 16 pieces of music, one week to prepare, and the teamwork required to make superb choral music.  A real life study of the impact of music on children and adults and its capacity for spiritual formation.
  • 5:00     Evening Prayer
  • 6:00     Dinner
  • 7:00     Choral and Organ Reading Session built around the Liturgical Year – Dr. Arcus and Dr. Horisberger
  • 9:00     Compline

Saturday, June 13

  • 8:30     Morning Prayer
  • 9:00    
    • A. Introduction (or Re-Introduction) to Conducting – Dr. Don Horisberger
      A workshop to review/learn the basics of choral conducting, so that movements inform and inspire the singers.  Further discussion of techniques to achieve maximum effect and nuance, as well as appropriate choral tone and balance, both with trained and untrained singers.
    • B. “Using the CMI Libraries” – Drs. Mann and Kroeker
      Learn how to find organ repertoire and service music in the 15,000 entry online Organ Library, and additional organ resources in the online Choral Library.
  • 10:00   Break
  • 10:15
    • A.  Masterclass in Conducting – Dr. Don Horisberger
      Conductors may enroll for slots to conduct anthems to work with Dr. Horisberger.
    • B. "Sacred Sound" – Rev. Robin Arcus (repeat of Friday p.m. film screening)
  • 11:30   Training Children in the Context of a Church Music Program – Drs. Horisberger & Arcus
  • 12:30   Lunch with discussion:  How Can We Remain Faithful Musicians and Theologians in a Market-Driven Culture?
  • 1:15    Planning an Advent Lessons & Carols:  How today’s service was planned and how to adapt it to your congregation – Dr. Horisberger, Dr. Arcus, Drs. Kroeker & Mann
  • 2:00     Rehearsal for Advent L&C
  • 2:45     Break
  • 3:00     Advent Lessons & Carols in Shipp Chapel